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With a sensual, romantic & modern take on burlesque, Zaryah captures the audience with mesmerizing, ethereal visuals, heartfelt songwriting and intimate crowd interactions. The 23-year-old alternative-pop/RnB artist innovates the music industry through taking a musical-like approach to her live performances. With her captivating & confident stage presence, the latest up and coming sensation from Luxembourg incorporates her love for European culture and theatre into her music - where fashion-fused story-telling meets bright and smokey vocals. 

‘I’ve always loved the idea of combining music with acting. So to me it’s pure magic when I can create

a show that gives people the possibility to escape from reality and completely merge themselves into art’. 

Zaryah’s playful yet mature sound shines in her latest singles INVITE and WASTED, with proclamations of questioning sexual stereotypes and underlining the nuance between vulnerability and mental strength.


The sensual singer focuses on telling her story heart to mouth, turning her inner, unfiltered thoughts and daydreams into lyrics. From the day she could physically write, she was scribbling notebooks full of feelings and fantasies that later on turned into songs that she describes as ‘confessions to the ones she loves(/ed)’. The idea of creating an alternate universe through art lured her deeper into expressing herself -  immersing herself into fashion, dance, singing, burlesque & theatre at a very young age. Deeply inspired by classic Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn & the french Film Noir scene, Zaryah always had the unfulfilled urge to perform on big stages. The fearless singer took the next leap in her career in the beginning of 2019 by moving to Los Angeles, where she currently resides. Music being her therapeutic space, Zaryah aims to create songs and live performances that allow the audience to completely escape reality and enter into an exhilarating daydream. 


With over 5 million streams on all platforms combined, Zaryah's latest project - her debut album 'Fallen Angel' - illustrates the internal struggle between good & bad and the loss of innocence judged by modern day society. 

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